Welcome to Mike’s Robots

Thanks for stopping by my page. I am currently working on one robot, a mini-magellan robot called the Mk.2 for lack of a better name. Currently construction is almost complete, I have just completed installing the Pololu motor controller and now the beast can move! Next item on the agenda is to give it some “eyes”…IR and ultrasonic sensors to detect objects, and a GPS to navigate.

Rover Mk.2

Rover Mk.2, as of Nov. 2008

I also have a Solarbotics Sumovore that I built from a kit. Although it does not have a microcontroller “brain”, it holds it’s own quite nicely against the other mini-sumo bots at our club meetings.

I am relatively new to the robotics hobby, and have been at it for two years. So far it has been a lot of fun…I have learned a lot and have met some great people. If there is a local robotics or electronics club in your area, I would encourage you to go check it out. If you like, you can join our club’s forum and tap into our member’s knowledge and contribute some of your own. My name on the forum is WinfieldMike.

I like sharing the knowledge I have gained in robotics, limited as it is, and this website may be useful to you. Plans are to include detailed descriptions, photos, construction notes/plans, and code that you are free to use however you like. If you find something useful, say thanks by dropping me a line at moody.michael(nospam!)@gmail.com . Remove the (nospam!) when you address your email.